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关于”描写人物100字左右“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:About 100 words describing the characters。以下是关于描写人物100字左右的xx年级英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:About 100 words describing the characters

Tom is a diligent and responsible student. He always finishes his homework on time and participates actively in class. He is also a talented athlete especially in basketball. He has won many awards in school competitions. Additionally Tom is a kind-hearted person. He often helps his classmates with their studies and volunteers in community events. He is well-liked by everyone.


万能作文模板2:描述人物约 100 字

My grandfather is very kind to me. He loves me very much. I am the apple of his eye.

But when it comes to my study, he is very strict every day. He spent more than an hour checking my homework with his help. My academic record has been very good.

My grandfather is also very enthusiastic about his neighbors. One day, he is willing to help them. A girl is one of his neighbors.

He accidentally hurt her leg. My grandfather immediately put the girl to work My grandfather is a kind person, but now he and my aunt live in another city. We all miss him very much.

I hope I can visit him as soon as possible. My mother has a pair of keen eyes, whenever I encounter difficulties can speak, her eyes will encourage me, help me to cheer up, when I began to learn to walk, my mother always helped me, encouraged me to stand up, when I finally put into her arms, I fell down, her eyes full of praise smile, when I failed the Chinese exam, mother's eyes are still bulging Encourage me, my mother helps me find out why, not blame me. Now I grow up and become more independent, but whenever I encounter setbacks, no matter where I go, my mother's eyes always accompany me and encourage me.

My new deskmate is a 16-year-old boy. His name is Zhang Gao. He is tall.

He is strong.




Qu Yuan, born in the Xiling Gorge Area in the west of Hubei Province, was once a minister of the state of Chu. He was born in the aristocracy. He advocated political loyalty and truth, and was eager to safeguard the power of Chu state.

Qu Yuan advocated an alliance with the vassal states at that time and opposed Qin, the overlord who threatened to rule the state of Chu. It is said that the king of Chu collapsed under the influence of other corrupt elements, envied his ministers, slandered Qu Yuan, and exiled his most loyal counsellor. It is said that Qu yuan first returned to his hometown during his exile.

He spent a lot of time collecting legends and sorting out folk songs when traveling in the countryside. He created some Chinese The greatest poem in literature expresses the love for the country and the deepest worry about the future of the country. According to legend, his anxiety made him more and more unhealthy when he was depressed.

He often took a walk near a certain well. During this period, he would see his reflection in the water and his own people. According to legend, this well is called "face reflection well" on a hillside in Xiangluping, Zigui, Hubei Province.

One well is considered to be a primitive well in Quyuan period BC, It is said that Qu Yuan once wrote a long poem "mourning for the response" written by Bai Qi, the general of Qin state, who was arrested in Ying, the capital of the Qin state. Later, he got involved in the Miluo River in Hunan Province and committed a ritual suicide with a huge stone in his hand as a protest against the corruption of the times.



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